Ever since, the Oscar race has been if nothing else an organizing principle, goalposts to set the year by. In many ways, the results don’t matter. I was partial to ”Pulp Fiction,” to “L.A. Confidential,” to ”The Fellowship of the Ring.” More than that, I was partial to “Heavenly Creatures” and ”Boogie Nights” and ”Mulholland Dr.” Not even nominated for Best Picture! Yet the Academy’s myopia never ruined those movies for me. That’s because they got to be a part of The Conversation.

That’s what I’m in it for — The Conversation. The Oscar nominees, the Golden Globes, the Indie Spirits, critics upon critics from every corner of the U.S., guilds upon guilds. Each one gets to contribute to The Conversation about the best films of the year. So do I. So do you. And since there’s no set scoring system, no one quantifiable criteria, we get to be as expansive as we want to be.

Introducing Our New Oscars Columnist: Why Oscar Season Is Good For Us – | Film.com

I just found out that Joe is going to be Film.com’s Oscar Columnist this season and I’m so so so excited because he’s one of the people who Gets It.