A few weeks ago Tyler asked me what song was used in the trailer for Anna Karenina, thinking it was from a movie. Turns out, it was from a music studio that composes music exclusively for licensing purposes called Two Steps From Hell. Their music is meant to sound familiar, but is all entirely original. This track is called “Nero” and it’s a thrilling piece of music - spectacular even.


I set the Golden Girls opening credits to it and the result is pretty intense.

One of my favorite Golden Girls exchanges is about eulogies.

  • Blanche: What would you say at my eulogy?
  • Dorothy: I guess I'd say you were a lovely, generous person. And one of the best friends I ever had.
  • Blanche: Nothing about my looks?
  • Dorothy: I'd say you were one of the prettiest friends I had.
  • Blanche: One of?
  • Dorothy: THE prettiest, Blanche. THE prettiest. What would you say about me?
  • Blanche: Dorothy, come on!
  • Dorothy: I told you, you can tell me!
  • Blanche: All right. Well, I would say…I always felt safe having you in the house. And I would say…I always enjoyed talking to you when I came home from one of my numerous dates. And I would say I always looked up to you like an older sister.
  • Dorothy: Thank you Blanche. Oh, and I forgot one thing. I would also say you were fat.

That scene in The Golden Girls

when Dorothy sneaks into the kitchen to secretly pry open Sophia’s locked box with a bobby pin, and then Blanche and Rose walk in as Blanche says to Rose, “I oughta have you horse whipped!” but Dorothy thinks it’s Blanche scolding her for looking through Sophia’s box so Dorothy drops the box and shrieks, “I HAVEN’T EVEN OPENED THE DAMN THING!”

That’s my current tension level, and I’m not even going through the change.

"That’s the first time I ever heard anyone say ‘I’m so mad I could scream’ and actually do it!"

I wanted to post this yesterday after a terrible morning commute, but didn’t have the time or the ability to capture video. Thankfully this clip is always hilarious.