All the Asos models look like two famous men mashed together.

Clockwise, from the top-left:

  1. Jake Gyllenhaal + Garret Hedlund
  2. Darren Criss + Rider Strong
  3. Matthew McConaughey + Kit Harington
  4. Chris Pine + Eddie Redmayne
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    I don’t see Kit Harington at all and now I understand why people think Eddie Redmayne is ugly.
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    men in button-down shirts and flannel = my kyptonite
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  7. kiamatthews said: I am in love with this post #1 post of 2k13
  8. chotai said: number three is way off. that;s more like matthew mccockahey and that bass fish from gossip girl
  9. apio said: oh my GOD