The most embarrassing thing about my celebrity sex dreams is that I don’t have them. My sex dreams involve people I know personally—so if I’m dreaming about a celebrity, we’re certainly not having sex. We’re best friends. After seeing Easy A, Emma Stone was my dream best friend for a number of weeks. We’d see movies together. Get drinks and gossip. I remember one dream where we just texted. She resurfaced as my best friend last fall after I saw The Help. An actual friend of mine once told me a story about meeting Andrew Garfield’s best friend, which meant Andrew Garfield and I were dream best friends for the following few nights. Again, there was texting. I ate with him. I drank with him. I showed him off to my friends at a party that we were probably the life of. Recently I had a dream that Adele called me crying over something while I was out with my actual friends. I was like, “Sorry guys, Adele’s upset,” and left the table to console her, as if it were some normal thing. (Which it totally would be if I were best friends with Adele.)

What Was Your Weirdest Celebrity Sex Dream? | The Awl

This was my contribution and it’s only mildly embarrassing.

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  3. joaniepepperoni said: I once had a dream that Philip Seymour Hoffman was trying to bribe me not to tell anyone about our affair. He’s been to mean to me in almost all the dreams I’ve had about him.
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