3/6/2012 Karaoke Selections – “2010-2012 Night” : Rated and Reviewed

Last night’s karaoke extravaganza had one rule: we were only allowed to sing tracks from 2010-2012. I will now rate and review them.

Coldplay – “Paradise”

I had time to text my brother during the minute-long instrumental introduction, and the remainder of the song was mostly just repeating “Para-para-paradise” and “oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh.” I will not be performing this again, but I will keep the track on my iPod. Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh.

Add to my repertoire? N

Rating: 4/10

Jason Derulo – “It Girl”

When this was released, I kept it on repeat for a number of days. It’s a catchy, well constructed male pop song – something we don’t see too much of lately. Unfortunately it had been a while since my last listen, so the verses proved difficult. “Derulo is a very talented artist,” said Lindsey. “So it’s understandably hard to keep up.” She’s right, but I’ll take that as a challenge.

Add to my repertoire? Y

Rating: 8/10

Lana Del Rey – “Video Games”

My first time performing Lana was one of the highlights of my karaoke-singing life. Ms. Rey is in my vocal range and I would have felt comfortable singing this without backing music or projected lyrics. Her words flow out of me like collagen escaping a syringe in zero-gravity.

Add to my repertoire? Y

Rating: 10/10

Florence + the Machine – “Shake It Out”

This was an appropriate final selection – a celebratory, crowd-pleasing anthem that leaves one out of breath and in awe of Florence Welch’s incomparable vocal talents. It’s an exhausting song (one that I’m not certain I want to continue working on), but could prove to be a surprising selection to keep in my back pocket when a drunken crowd needs a lift.   

Add to my repertoire? Y

Rating: 7/10