How Ingrid Michaelson’s “Lights Out” Will Be Licensed. Probably.

  1. "Home" - AT&T commercial w/a focus on family plans.
  2. "Girls Chase Boys" - The trailer for a very cute, well-reviewed, and under-seen romcom.
  3. "Wonderful Unknown" (Featuring Greg Laswell) - The third-act montage of Nicole Holofcener’s next movie.
  4. You Got Me” (Featuring Storyman) - Channel-wide promo for Showtime’s fall premieres, ending with “We got you.” super.
  5. "Warpath" - Channel-wide promo for Bravo’s fall premieres.
  6. "Handsome Hands" - A Nespresso commercial, instrumental-only.
  7. "Time Machine" - The first promo for S4 of Scandal.
  8. "One Night Town" (Featuring Mat Kearney) - A TV spot for The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 2.
  9. "Open Hands" (Featuring Trent Dabbs) - A promo for a particularly sad sweeps episode of The Good Wife.
  10. "Ready to Lose" (Featuring Trent Dabbs) - The melancholy third-act montage of next summer’s blockbuster A-list romance.
  11. "Stick" - The promo for a particularly exciting sweeps episode of Gray’s Anatomy.
  12. "Afterlife" - The trailer for next summer’s big-budget/well-reviewed teen dramedy.
  13. "Over You" (Featuring A Great Big World) - The promo for the finale of Homeland S4E12
  14. "Everyone Is Gonna Love Me Now" - The season finale of whatever HBO show people are suddenly obsessed with in Spring 2015

P.S. It’s still my fave album of 2014.